Friday, January 21, 2011


     I don't intend to do a lot of personal reflection on here, but I'm going to break that rule here.

     I wanted to take a post to say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read through the blog as it has gotten up and running. I'm glad to be able to put stuff up that at least a small number of people are interested in reading. This started as an experiment, and so far, I have been encouraged to continue.

     I recognize that much of what I have to say may seem like a fairly hostile attack on some things that many people I know hold dear. Intellectually, yes, I would be disingenuous if I were to claim otherwise. But I do want to make very clear that nothing I write about is personal in any way. Outside of my wife, my oldest friend and my brother, to varying degrees, pretty much everyone else I know could find reason to feel put off by some things I might write. That is never the intention- merely to explain some things about the world the way I see it, and hopefully generate some honest discussion and reflection.

     I wanted to say a particular thanks to Joel, Andrew, Aidan, Amy, Tam and Chip, who have taken the time to read and comment, whether on the blog or in other communication. As with anything I write, I owe Brian a huge thanks for his always helpful critical insights, whether it is here or on the rough drafts of the novel. Of course, Jen gets the biggest thanks for trying her best to keep up with the reading and for keeping Charlie off me when I am trying to write.

      Looking ahead, I would really appreciate any feedback anyone has to offer. People seem to appreciate recipes, so I will definitely keep those coming. I've also got an idea kicking around for a series of short stories, which I intend to get started on as soon as I post this. When the novel gets a little more sorted out (it is in need of some major overhaul at the moment) I will try and post some excerpts. I'll also probably continue on my one-man crusade to put an end to religious-and-similar faiths, but that's just my own issue.

     So once again, thanks to anyone who has bothered to read what I'm bothering to write.


  1. Like I said before I enjoy the read as do I with Brian's. Now we just need Chip to start blogging about fatherhood, separate sleeping rooms pls!

  2. Thanks for writing, it's been fun reading everything on here so far, one more website to read during breakfast. As for Chip blogging...Chipp's thoughts might make one of the better humor sites on the net.

  3. Well, we've already learned that Socrates would hate drive-thrus and would likely be a DJ, were he alive today.

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for writing a well written blog on things I think about. And for giving me a chance to compare my thoughts to someone who can articulate his so well. I appreciate your work, and I have downloaded most of your articles incase you ever decide to take this site down.


  5. Thanks adam. I've been meaning to download them myself. I don't intend to ever take this down, but in case of crash or whatever, that's a great back up. How would I get in touch?