What It's About- What's the point of the blog? What's up with the name?
Doubt Itself- The beauty of doubt, the universal solvent of foolishness
Why Now?- Why an open defense of reason, skepticism and science is so crucial right now
Terminology- Why having to call oneself an "atheist" is a little absurd
Seven Dumbly Sins- Ways to know when what someone is saying is probably BS
A christian Nation?- Exposing the lie that America was founded as a "christian nation"
Ethics, Part One: The Ten Commandments- A legitimate, universal guide to living?
Ethics, Part Two: The Golden Rule- Does anyone have a claim on this? Is it universal?
Ethics, Part Three: Good Without God?- Can we live an ethical life without god? Of course we can.
Ethics, Part Four: The Ethics of Freedom- How are we compelled to treat one another?
Ethics, Part Five: The Individual Imperative- How are we compelled to live our own life?
Pascal was a Sissy-  Why even if christianity is right, it's still wrong.
Just Wanna Be Loved- Why no one wants to be evil, and how this makes faith so very dangerous.
Monogamy: What is it good for?- What is actual infidelity? Is monogamy the only option for a relationship?
No Regrets- How to learn from guilt, not be paralyzed by it.
Sorry, You Get These Guys Too- Why the crimes of totalitarianism can be blamed on faith.
Testing, Testing, One, Two... Three?- Even god requires proof? Why don't you?